COL728 : Compiler Design : Administrivia

Course Staff

Instructor: Sorav Bansal

Lectures: Tue, Wed, Fri. 8-9 (Slot C). Online (Microsoft Teams). Video lectures will be shared asynchronously. We will hold help sessions on Friday at 8am. Thus, the lecture schedule is flexible, for all practical purposes.

Pre-requisites: Should have done an undergraduate course on Programming Languages or equivalent.


The grading structure will be as follows:

Teaching Assistant: Abhishek Rose

To know your current score in the course, logon to and type col728-score


All exams will be open-book and open-notes. But no mobile phones and laptops and no other ways of communicating with others during the exam.

Online Platform

We will use the Microsoft Teams platform for discussions, online meetings, and sharing of asynchronous lecture videos and other material. You should login using your IITD's Kerberos ID. If you are registered for the course, you should already be added to the "2001-COL728 COMPILER DESIGN" Team.

Audit criteria: equivalent to D or above.

Academic Integrity Code

Academic honesty is required in all your work. Verbal discussion of assignments is fine but looking at someone else's work and then doing your is not. You must do all written and programming assignments on your own, except where group work is explicitly authorised. If you use parts of a solution or code from other sources (such as Internet, other OSes, etc.), you should explicitly mention it in your submission. Letting your work become available or visible to others is also cheating. The first instance of cheating will straight-away invite an 'F' grade in the course and a referral to the disciplinary committee.